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We have the Following Flavors Available, When Placing an Order do indicate the Flavor(s) You want:


Banana OG
Critical Kush
Forbidden Fruit
Louie XIII
Paris OG
Purple Punch
Skywalker OG
Wiz OG


Amnesia Haze
Hawaiian Snow
Jack Herer
Lemon Haze
Maui Wowie
Sour Diesel


Gelato 33
Gorilla Glue
Pineapple Express
Sunset Sherbet
Wedding Cake


          Honey Vape Cartridges Info

Buy Honey Vape Cartridges Online is an only-in-California brand that caters to distillate and concentrates vapers. The company has an extensive collection of pre-filled cartridges as well as disposable pens. All Honey vape cartridges For sale and pens feature its unique blend of THC and CBD-dominant oil. The oil is filler-free and tests show that the oil contains 75% pure phytochemicals.

The brand sells only to authorized dispensaries in California. It does not sell products online nor does it ship to out-of-state retailers or dispensaries. The Honey Carts product line consists of either 0.5g pre-filled, 510 cartridges or 0.25, pre-filled disposable pens. The 0.5g cartridges feature THC and CBD-dominant strains, while the pens also feature the same number of strains and flavors.

Buy Honey Vape Carts Online brand started in 2013. The company claims to be among the first to sell full-spectrum, distillate cartridges on a global scale, although it only sells and distributes in California. The Honey Vape product line is small and consists only of two categories: pre-filled, 510 cartridges and disposable pens.

The products are sleek and portable, especially the newly-designed disposable pen. Once upon a time, though, the brand sold larger pre-filled cartridges, measuring 1g and even 1.8gs. The cartridges were not 510-threaded and were meant to be used with special thread connectors to attach them to batteries. The carts were big, metallic and chunky.

Buy Honey Vape Cartridges Online Product Line

The brand has only two product categories: pre-filled cartridges and disposable vape pens. Here is just a sampling of each category, based on our experience using HV products and which we think are the best in each category.

he biggest selling point of any Honey vape cartridges For sale is its potency. Vape pens can scarcely, if ever, deliver the same intense high as ground herb smoked through a high quality water pipe, so potency here is relative.  Plus, they’re solvent less so the taste is a little cleaner too.

More Details

Little stands out about the product beyond these points, because for a pre-loaded vape cartridge to do its job successfully, it has to be simple and effective. Customers opting to purchase pre-filled cartridges likely care more about the convenience or portability more than potency, so in these regards, a Honey vape cartridges For sale should fit the bill.

However, first-time users of these cartridges may find that they’re having difficulty inhaling a significant amount of vapor. One look at the cartridge will give you an idea why. Rather than being flowing liquid THC, the oil inside is more akin to a solid wax. No amount of movement will make it budge the least bit.

Because of this thick consistency, it’s recommended that users place the cartridge itself in near-boiling water for a minute or so before using it. After being preheated, the heat from the battery will have a greater effect on the wax.

Unfortunately, this is a necessary step; without it the product’s high potency will be a moot point. Anyone who’s thinking of making the switch to pre-loaded cartridges for convenience’s sake may want to look elsewhere if it’s too big of a deterrent.



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