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Candyland was a Gold Medalist in KushCon 2012 in Denver which boasted a record 50,000 attendees for that particular convention.

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                   Candyland Strain Info

Buy Candyland Strain Online, a product of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, is a Sativa-dominant strain that was a cross between the infamous Grand Daddy Purple strain (aka Grand Daddy Purps) and a Bay Area Platinum Cookies strain for sale . It was originally bred by Ken Estes who was part of the team that bred the original Grand Daddy Purple. Candyland Strain For sale and Purchase Candyland Strain Online One of our best strain.

                    Structure Of Candyland Strain

Candyland buds for sale are small and dense with a slightly darker shade of green than your typical bright green Sativa strain. Its trichomes are plentiful when grown properly, looking as if the bud could have been dipped in sugar. The red hairs are a dull red but run longer than normal, almost making the buds look fuzzy from a distance.

                 Aroma And Taste of Buy Candyland Strain Online

When smoking Purchase Candyland Strain Online  expect a very earthy flavor with hints of sweets and spices. Its effects lean towards it’s Sativa properties making it a mentally stimulating strain with little to no body effects when smoked in smaller doses. The strain is great for social functions or creative activities – anything where your brain must be active and engaged. When consumed in larger quantities, and especially by novice users, the strain can impact anxiety and paranoia as is typical with strong Sativa strains. You may want to try a hit or two before committing to a full joint.

Buy Candyland Strain Online Grow Info

Buy Candyland Strain Online is a comparatively easy strain to grow when weighed against other Sativas. It can be grown indoors and outdoors with a flowering period of between 8-9 weeks on an indoor grow and a September harvest for outdoor grows. The weight really piles on towards the end of the growth cycle as the buds begin to weigh down the plant’s rather tall and skinny frame. Yields can reach up to 2.5 ounces per plant indoors with outdoor yields up to 3 pounds per plant.

Candyland kush for sale was a Gold Medalist in KushCon 2012 in Denver which boasted a record 50,000 attendees for that particular convention.

Effects of Candyland

Euphoria is the prominent effect when smoking Candyland Strain For sale, with a strong mood boost and some relaxation. The exact sativa-to-indica ratio of this strain is unclear, but it contains as much as 24% THC, making it a fairly powerful choice. CBD levels are lower but could still be useful in treating seizures and other conditions.


                                             THC Content



7 reviews for Candyland

  1. Bud father

    These Sativa buds were a thing of beauty. Dense dark green & dark purple buds with tons of orange pistils. Fine amber trichomes covered the buds. When broken apart by hand the buds were not sticky but, were not dry either. Scent & flavor was sweet, earthy, berry, & pine. 14% THC made me feel happy, uplifted, & relaxed. A very clear headed high. Winner at the 2012 Denver Kush Con & a winner with me!

  2. Colby Walter

    Overall a pretty good high but depending on the atmosphere in the room it could lead to nausea or mild headache

  3. Collin Sumislaski

    I have yet to find actual flower of this strain but I have been able to find amazing distillate from Exotic Ganja Store and it is by far and away my new favorite beating out pineapple express and cheese quake

  4. R.Wodogaza

    Consumed via shatter (18.76%) so the THC rating is fairly accurate. Very clearheaded sativa that pairs well with a cup of coffee at 8 or 9 AM. One of the plants I smoke, as a medicinal patient, to ease lack of appetite or mental fog for the entire day. Tastes very sweet and piney. I would recommend for beginners and veterans alike. Anxiety and dry mouth are the biggest downsides; however, these effects wear off fairly quickly after consumption. Would love to see the buds they used to make the shatter; it seems that outdoor and indoor grows produce quantity and quality. Afternoon rating should be changed to morning or sunrise for time of use.

  5. Anthony Sanders

    This is by far my favorite strain. It gives a good clear headed high, and smoking before the gym helps give me this crazy laser like focus while also num ing.pain from lactic acid buildup, helping squeeze a few extra reps out. i find i dont get the munchies too bad. on this stuff either which is great. i just wish it was easier to find, im almost out and my guy says he doesnt know when. He can get more of it

  6. Mike Thienloc

    brilliant trichomes sparkle, while still playing backdrop to the golden and maroon pistils, of these dense army green buds. the high, when vaporized, is like a great conversation with a teriffic friend: never too short, or awkward with just the right amount of giggling, crying while not forgetting to include the philosophical implications of life and love. strongly recommend if your looking to set a brilliant tone, for your day!

  7. Goldenboydab

    One of my personal favorites. Small dense buds smoke up easy. One of the happiest highs around. The first time I tried this, it felt like it did when I first started using cannabis, some 35 years ago. Highly recommended!

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