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Cannabis consumers know that sativa strains offer a boost of stamina when needed. Terpenes and cannabinoids found in cannabis dictate the effect you get, and these strains contain terpenes that provide an energy-lifting boost and a stimulating head-high effect.

Aside from an uplifting high, the effects of the best S strains for energy can be utilized for strenuous activities, such as working out, tripping out in cannabis-approved activities, or enjoying the great outdoors.

In this post, we will share the best sativa strains for energy as a helpful guide when you’re feeling tired, fatigued, or just having one of those days. Before we move on, we’ll give you a clearer insight into what sativa plants truly are.


Sativa is a species of cannabis characterized by tall, thin stems and narrow-looking leaves. The best S strains for energy take longer periods of time to grow, and they thrive better in hotter temperatures. The dried flowers of sativa plants are typically cultivated for smoking or vaping.

Because of its invigorating effects, strains are usually chosen for “wake and bake” sessions. Sativa strains are found beneficial for mental focus, lifting moods, and energy.

Without further ado, here are the best strains for energy and stimulation.

Strongest sativa strains?


1. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is considered one of the best sativa strains for energy-boosting effects. The high that one gets from consuming Jack Here is happy, bubbly, creative, and euphoric. This set of effects make the Jack Herer ideal for running errands, or for enjoying daytime activities with friends like hanging out at the park or hitting up Canada’s Wonderland. Try this appetizing Jack Herer flower from Solei and experience the hype.

2. Mango Haze

This sativa strain was developed by Mr. Nice Seeds, who crossed Northern Lights #5, Skunk, and Haze to create this aromatic picking. The Mango Haze stands out, thanks to its high THC level that reaches up to 20%.

Consumers hail this skunk as one of the best sativa strains for energy, with a powerful yet relaxing effect that lets you carry on with your day without feeling any negative vibes. This 3.5g-pack of Mango Haze from Color Cannabis will send you off on the right track!

3. Lilac Diesel

This rare, evenly balanced sativa has a set of effects that is as attractive as it looks. The dense, minty green nugs feature lilac undertones and dark amber hairs, with sharp diesel aromas and sweet fruit berries.

The sweet taste is matched with energizing effects that will leave you feeling lifted for long periods of time. What makes the Lilac Diesel one of the best sativa strains for energy is its ability to send you on a creative overdrive and a relaxing physical state, making it ideal for anyone who wishes to focus on finishing a project or to start a new one.

4. Limelight

Limelight’s dominating terpenes include terpinolene, humulene, and caryophyllene, which are responsible for its tangy, ultra-sour, floral notes and refreshing high. Its lush bud structure makes it attractive, and users vouch for its uplifting effects that can be paired with house errands, working out, and socializing.

A prime example of one of the best sativa strains for energy and stimulation, Limelight is best consumed through joints or pre-rolls. Try this Limelight pack from Edison Cannabis Co. and experience these effects for yourself!

5. Chemdog

A favourite among cannabis connoisseurs, Chemdog is a cross of Sour Kush and OG Kush, which are both considered some of the best sativa strains for energy and creativity.

This full-bodied strain offers a long-lasting cerebral and physical effect ideal for those looking to stay active despite feeling body pains and aches. Aside from being an energizing pain reliever, Chemdog is known for its sharp and pungent diesel aroma that can be identified from afar.

6. Jack Haze

The strain name says it all. This popular cross between Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze gives consumers an intense psychoactive sensation similar to drinking a cup of coffee.

Definitely one of the best sativa strains for energy and stimulation, the Jack Haze is perfect for daytime use, especially when you have a busy day ahead of you. Consumers also reported the earthy-tasting Jack Haze as a stress-buster, solidifying its reputation as one of the best sativa strains out there that carry a wide range of positive effects.


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