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Buy Berners Cookies Strains Online decided to make a game-changing move with every grower and his mama cutting Cookies into their genetics. Remember how we talked about Cheap Berners cookies Strains for sale marketing and business genius earlier? The Berner  cookies store

Well, the federal government doesn’t allow the trademarking of any cannabis brand. That was perplexing for Berner, but he found a solution to the problem.

The Berner  cookies store was already manufacturing and retailing Cookies merch online and in retail stores, but his need to solidify the brand led him to a genius idea., While you can’t trademark cannabis strains, you can trademark clothing.

As a result, Berners cookies Strains brand trademarked and registered “Cookies SF.” The genius of the move came in the fact that once you have a trademarked name, you can hang a sign in the dispensary, and no one can move in on your territory.

A licensed brand also gives Buy Berners Cookies Strains Online access to the banking system, something that other cannabis entrepreneurs would die for in their business. With the branding in full swing across dispensaries around America, Where to buy Berners Cookies Strains managed to protect the brand from scammers and other con artists that would want to copy their idea.

Why Cookies? How Girl Scout Cookies Changed the Game

So, how did Cheap Berners cookies Strains for sale come to be a household name in cannabis? You’ll find that people refer to bud as the leading strain in the market anywhere you go in the world. Go to Europe, and everyone wants that Cali weed for sale, go to Jamaica, and they want “Ice.” In New York, it’s that diesel.

However, Where to buy Berners Cookies Strains are taking over the industry, and if you walk around the shady areas of town, you’ll probably hear a hustler saying “cookies” as you walk past. Judges at the Cannabis Emerald Cup admit that Cookies is starting to dominate the market, with over half of all entries in 2019 being Berners Cookies Strains for sale.

“Girl Scout Cookies” was the original strain leading to the domination of this brand in the cannabis market. The strain showed up on dispensary shelves in Cali around late 2010 to early 2011. The strain was an instant hit with the market, becoming the new top shelf that everyone wanted to get their hands on at the time. Some 10-years later, it’s still a revered name in cannabis culture.

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Berners Cookies Strains List
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